Women Empowerment

Through our projects, we foster an atmosphere in which women are empowered to take charge of their own lives, take part in local governance, and face the challenges of climate change and other issues with courage and resiliency. In rural India, women's empowerment is not merely a goal but also a driving force behind constructive social change and sustainable development. We work towards providing a better life to rural women by giving them training in various areas.


Nurture and Thrive

To ensure that everyone has access to crucial healthcare services, we set up medical clinics, hold health camps, and offer health education programmes. Beyond acute care, our purpose includes preventive measures and community capacity-building, enabling locals to make wise health decisions. We work with regional healthcare professionals to improve health, reduce healthcare inequities, and increase resilience to climatic health issues because we genuinely believe that everyone in rural India has the right to good health.

bless nature

Bless Nature

Initiatives related to reforestation and afforestation are our main focus. We recognise that trees are the protectors of our environment, preventing climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and serving as a habitat for a variety of wildlife. We've worked hard to implement extensive tree-planting initiatives in rural India with the goal of expanding and restoring wooded areas. Along with our efforts to plant trees, we are committed to minimizing plastic waste by promoting eco-friendly alternatives, organizing cleanup campaigns, and spreading awareness of the negative impacts of plastic pollution on our environment and health. In addition to assisting in the fight against climate change, our programme also strengthens local communities by promoting a plastic-free lifestyle, guaranteeing that rural well-being coexists peacefully with the beauty of nature.


Rising stars - Pencil’s Promise

Our education programme lays a strong emphasis on arming kids with knowledge and encouraging a passion for studying. We think that access to high-quality educational materials is a right for every kid since we know that education is the foundation of development and resilience. Our goal is to give rural Indian children the resources they need to succeed academically and personally. We are dedicated to providing children with access to books, building libraries, and providing them with secure, caring environments where they can learn and explore the world of reading. Through our education initiatives, we strive to create a brighter, more informed, and sustainable future for all.